Fresh Farm Mailing List

Are you on the Fresh Farm mailing list? If you are not, here are reasons you should sign up right now! 

If you have not been to Fresh Farm before, you would be skeptical about being on their list. You may think that it is just something else that you will need to delete from you inbox. However, once you’ve visited one of the Fresh Farm stores in the Chicago area, you will surely have a change of heart. 

Fruits and Vegetables Galore! 

Yes, Fresh Farm is one of the stores in the Chicago area that has a huge assortment of fruits and vegetables. For those who like their daily dose of green leaves, citrus and fruits, this is a place where you can find most of what your heart desires. 

Asia Food Selections in Stock

Although Fresh Farm stocks about anything, you can also find an abundant selection of Asian products. Most of the products are a lot more expensive elsewhere in Chicago. 

Discount, Discount, Discount 

Once a month or so, you will receive a coupon from the Fresh Farm giving you a $10 discount for purchasas over $40. This is a deal!