Chicago Housewifey at the Supermarket

Say you are at the supermarket and you are making your way to stand in line to pay. You survey the items in your cart and decide that you probably do not need another box of Kleenex at this time. Do you bring it back to where you got it on the aisles or do you leave it on the next shelf you pass?

Your Kind of Music

When you talk about music, what is the first thing that comes to mind? What kind of music makes your heart soar, your lips spreading into a smile, make your feet start tapping to the beat, your fingers snapping to the tune and your mind just dancing from one room to another?

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Like posting your link on meet and greets? Here’s a quick and easy tip!

Hi guys! I wanted to get this post out to you as early as possible! Weekends usually have a few meet and greets. And that means  you have the opportunity to advertise! But are you not getting the d…

Source: Like posting your link on meet and greets? Here’s a quick and easy tip!

Sharing a Letter from CPS

A lot of Chicago parents are closely watching how the leadership of Governor Rauner will show support to the education of children. This is a letter from Forrest Claypool Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago Public Schools as well as from Dr. Janice K. Jackson.

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Songs We’ve Forgotten

Here is another song that we may have already forgotten. Before you look at the song, ask yourself these questions

  1. Do you have bad days when you feel like everything is not going your way?
  2. Do you just want to give up sometimes and just leave everything be, because you can’t take it anymore?
  3. Do you have those days when you feel like you’ve lost the only true friend you’ve got?

When that day comes, remember this song.

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