Your Kind of Music

When you talk about music, what is the first thing that comes to mind? What kind of music makes your heart soar, your lips spreading into a smile, make your feet start tapping to the beat, your fingers snapping to the tune and your mind just dancing from one room to another?

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There are lots of kinds of music that can make one happy and feel that the world is just it should be.

When you wake up in morning, there is usually a song that comes to mind and you sing the song to yourself as you drink your coffee, eat your breakfast and read the newspaper. You may sing the same song while you shower and travel to work. As your day ends, you may be singing the same song to yourself as you close your eyes as another day ends. Your kind of music is is the sound of your own voice and your own thoughts egging you and getting your through the day.

Another kind of music is one that you can dance to. You hear the music and you just have to get off your chair and start dancing. It does not matter whether your are dancing well or dancing gracefully. You just want to get up, jump up and down and shake your arms and legs and your spirits soar and all your troubles go away. The music that you love is one that makes you forget all your worries and lets you live, even for just a few minutes, in a perfect world where you are free to do whatever you want and not worry about what others will say.

Another kind of music is when you sit at a coffee shop or restaurant and hear all the conversations going around you. You listen to the voices around you and imagine yourself saying the exact same words, you listen to them laugh and you listen to them cry. You listen to negotiations being done and agreed on. You listen to lovers say sweet words to one another. Your favorite kinds of music is the music of voices and you remember that you are not alone in this world.

Finally, another kind of music is when you sitting on the grass in the park as you listen to the screams and shrieks of little girls and boys as they play, fall and tumble. You listen to their innocent conversations and become amused that their biggest concern is what game they will play next. You listen to their sweet laughter, like angels singing glorious songs to all the ears in the world. You listen to their tiny voices make declarations of things that are most important to them and should be important to all people … love. Your favorite kind of music are the voices of the future telling and assuring you that the world will go on turning.

How about you, what is your favorite kind of music?




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