FREE x Survey

Nothing in this world is actually FREE. Neither is your opinion. So, if you are going to take the time to share your thoughts on your experience, why not get something in return?

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For the most part, stores would offer you an entry to a raffle. On the other hand, some stores, mostly restaurants, would offer you something immediately for your precious time.

When you make a purchase at a store or food store, make sure to check the bottom or the back of the receipt. If there is a survey, find out what they are offering for your time. If it is something you are interested in, go online and answer the survey immediately. On your next visit, claim your freebie and enjoy!

Here are some of those stores that offer free in exchange for you answering a survey.


  1. Jollibee offers a free PEACH MANGO PIE if you answer their survey. It is two pages with 15 questions. Not bad for a free pie!
  2. Dunkin Donut offers a free doughnut with a purchase of a medium drink if you answer their survey. Not bad! After all, when you buy coffee, you usually get a doughnut or two. What is coffee without a doughnut?
  3. Panda is probably one of the most popular Chinese take out stores. It is easy and it is fast. The choices are very limited, but for a hungry stomach, they certainly know what to offer. For answering their survey, you get an extra ENTREE. Who can say no to an extra serving of Orange Chicken, Beijing Beef or perhaps a spring roll?
  4. Sbarro, too, has an offer to any customer who takes the time to answer their survey. You can get $2 off your next purchase worth $10. This is quite good since you are not limited in what you can get.

*** article in progress *** more to come!



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