Photos Close to My Heart

IMG_9314On this page, you will find, photos that are close to my heart. It can range from photos of nature, birds, leaves and flowers to nail art or just random drawings.

If you have photos you would like to share, you can send an email to Make sure you write a description of why the photo is close to your heart, your nickname and if you like, where you are from (you do not need to give me your complete address).



Footprints in the Snow


Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, IL

Brown Line in Chicago, IL





Blue WhalessalmonScallopsSquid

whale sharks




Navy Pier Chicago, IL by Pochese Photography

Praying Mantis by Pochese Photography

Chicago Downtown by Pochese Photography


One thought on “Photos Close to My Heart

  1. Some amazing images here; it’s hard to choose which to comment upon!
    I absolutely adore seahorses. When on holiday in Tasmania (a state of Australia) I visited Seahorse World.
    There I learned how the female deposits eggs (up to 1500) into the male’s pouch who then carries them till they are capable of looking after themselves. Such a fascinating process, and they are such wonderful little creatures.
    ‘Dwell’ comes to mind for a word beginning with DW. I also thought the little baby seahorses dwell inside the father! Hahaaaa… 🙂

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