Get to Know Your Chicago Neighbor – Dr Walid Hindo

It is not often that you can brag that the author of a book you’ve read, want to read or others have read, lives just around the corner? For all Chicago Housewifey, this is literally the case. Once you’ve been enthralled by the stories and the experiences of Dr. Walid A. Hindo, you will want to say, “Read the book! The author lives close to where I live! He is amazing!”

Get to know your neighbor by reading “From Baghdad on the Tigris to Baghdad on the Subway.” Click here to get a copy.

When Walid A. Hindo joined the Military Advance Surgical Group of the first division in Iraq in the 1960s, he knew he was on his own.

His father was one of Iraq’s highest ranking army officials under the old regime, but Hindo went against his father’s wishes to serve in the north, where there was actual hostility.


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