A Piece of Cake

If you are from Chicago, you eat like a Chicagoan and that includes Portillos, a Chicago tradition since 1963. When you go to Portillos, you fill up on hot dogs, chili, char-broiled burgers, beef-n-sausage sandwiches and tender baby back ribs.

You cannot go wrong with Portillos, no matter you have a taste for. Their Italian Beef sandwiches are so tasty and juicy because they splash a bit of gravy on the sandwich. If you prefer it to be extra tasty, let your order taker know that you prefer your sandwich dipped and they will dip the sandwich in the gravy for you.

Not only is Portillos know for savory sandwiches and melt-in-the-mouth ribs. They are also known for their chocolate cake that will make you ask, where did this chocolate come from?

The best part is, if you sign up with Portillos, you will get a piece of cake on your birthday FREE! You may even add your kids, so that they, too, can get a sweet treat on their special day.

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