Treats for Your Sweets

Everyone has a sweet tooth or a sweets craving every once in a while. You do not always indulge your craving. However, once in a while, you may want to. Especially, if giving in to your craving comes with discovery, learning and of course, if it is for free!

Chicago’s Garfield Park Conservatory

Chicago’s Garfield Park Conservatory is said to be the largest and most captivating botanical conservatories in the Illinois. It is known as a “landscape art under glass.” The conservatory has thousands of plant species from around. When you do visit, check out one of the following:

Palm House

From the name, you will know that you will visit different kinds of palms in this room. It is 65 ft high and 90 ft wide and is the largest room in the Conservatory. The room features plants from warm habitats all around the world. (description from the conservatory website)

Remember, entrance to the Conservatory is free. It is all the more enjoyable learning about different palms for this reason.

Fern Room

Have you heard of Lady Fern? This type of fern makes frequent appearances in Illinois. For this reason, the Conservatory dedicated a room for lush ferns and rocky outcroppings. This is to showcase what prehistoric Chicago might have looked like.

If you are a native of Chicago or the surrounding suburbs, wouldn’t you love to learn about what the Chicago looked like a long time ago? The best part of it is, it is for free!

Sugar From the Sun

The ability of plants to photosynthesize makes them big heroes in our world. Do you want to talk about this with your little ones for free? Come to this exhibit and have fun learning.

Desert House

The Desert House holds one of the region’s most varied collections of cacti and succulents. These plants owe their popularity to their spectacular and unique forms, the promise of brilliant, short-lived flowers and their ability to withstand harsh, dry conditions. The size of the plants in this room varies from the tiny living stone plant to the large century plants. (description from the conservatory website)

Aroid House

Indoor gardeners are sure to find something familiar here, as many aroids are popular houseplants. A variety of aroids growing in a landscape setting are on display. A spectacular feature is the “Persian Pool,” sixteen yellow lily pads, which were created by the world acclaimed glass artist Chihuly expressly for the Aroid House. (description from the conservatory website)

Valentine Sweet Treats in Advance

Are you planning a valentine outing in advance? The Conservatory is a good place to visit! Since entrance to this wonderful place is for free, you do not even need to worry about your budget. Make sure you make a donation at the entrance, though. Your donation will keep making this place enjoyable for a lot of Chicago residents and visitors!

Sugar from the Sun
Free Valentine Event

Sweet Saturday event is from noon to 3 P.M. You will be treated to sweet treats like chocolates, vanilla, banana and papaya. Children will also get to enjoy crafts activities like leaf rubbing and paper flowers!


A Free Chicago Valentine

What is Valentines Day to you? It is the day when you enjoy wonderful sweets given to you by your love ones.

Is that there is to it?

In Chicago, you will have tons of exciting and fun-filled activities to be done and it’s absolutely free! Valentines Day is a good time to enjoy with your family and it is more than eating sweets all day.

One way to spend Valentines, particularly for your daughter, is by bringing her on a father daughter activity. In Chicago, there are a lot of place where you can go.

Let It Go and Skate

A free Chicago Valentine can look like a father daughter skating day. What a precious picture it will be to take a photo of your husband and daughter skating. Whether you are a Chicago resident or you are just visiting, you can skate for free at the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink at the Millennium Park. You can always get a good spot to stand and wait for your skaters to pass and take a good picture. It is free to skate at this rink and if you bring your own skates and come early, you may be able to skip the lines when borrowing skates. If you bring your own skates, you will not have to rent skates too!

Image result for maggie daley skating

Another place to skate is at the Maggie Daley Park just a hop and a skip from the Millennium Park. This rink presents an even better opportunity for a good photo. Your skaters will be skating around climbing walls and under pine trees. Finding a good position is key and you may be able to get a photo that will be good for hundreds of “likes” on Facebook. Like the Millennium Park, skating at the Maggie Daley Park is free. You should either bring your own skates or time your visit in order to avoid the lines when renting your skates.

Love of Science

If your daughter loves science, Valentines is the day to indulge her. Bringing her to the Museum of Science and Industry is one way to do it! Oh what an experience it will be! If you are a Chicago resident, you are in for a treat! February 14 is one of the days when Chicago residents can get free admission at the museum. You can go to the museum to see exhibits like Oceans: Our Blue Planet, The Story of Earth, Tornado Alley, U-505 On-Board Tour, Coal Mine and Flight and Ride Simulators.

Image result for museum of science and industry

To get free admission, make sure to bring an identification showing that you are a Chicago resident. You should also plan your visit ahead of time. There are a lot of exhibits to see and you may want to schedule ahead of time which exhibits you want to go to first.