Daily Housewifey Dose #22

I am STRONG … because I know my weakness

I am BEAUTIFUL … because I am aware of my flaws

I am FEARLESS … because I learned to recognize illusion from real

I am WISE … because I learned from my mistakes

I am a LOVER … because I have felt hate and 

I can LAUGH … because I have known sadness


Daily Housewifey Dose #21

I came across this video on Facebook. It is about a ballerina who, at a very young age, really wanted to dance. She faced a lot of challenges such as being overweight, jeers from “experienced” ballet dancers and of course envy of others. In the end, though, she was determined to show herself and her skills to the world. She succeeded. The lesson she left us is this:

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Meet the man whose voice blew Rihanna away at her own concert — Fusion

InstagramIn the now-viral video, Rihanna’s face scrunches into a surprised grimace. She has thrust her microphone into the audience during the song “FourFiveSeconds” on her March 19 stop in Cincinnati on the Anti World Tour. On the other end of the microphone is Columbus, Ohio native Terah Jay (or TJ). He sings the lyrics back…

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As Investment Goes

When you invest, you take a risk on your investment in the hopes that it will pay off. When it comes to your child’s learning, you make several investments from the time that they are very young until they are old enough to pay for their own education. One worthy investment you can make as a parent is a museum membership. In Illinois, you can get your money’s worth at the Kohls Children’s Museum.

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