I Have 2 Eggs

When we talk about eating eggs, we immediately think of cholesterol and how eating too much eggs can be bad for your health. The good thing is that recent studies show that eggs are the most nutritious foods on the planet. Eggs contain valuable brain nutrients and powerful antioxidants that can protect the eyes.

There are a lot of benefits to eating eggs everyday. Do you want to know what they are? Read on to know more.

  1. There are about 70 calories in one large egg. Each egg is a great source of protein that helps stabilize blood sugar levels and provides structure to the body. 2 For $1 Lucerne by Jewel Large Eggs 1 dz. - limit 4
  2. The protein in egg provides essential amino acids. Circular Page Image
  3. A large egg is a good source of selenium. It is an antioxidant mineral that fights cell damage.
  4. Egg is also good for your body because it turns carbohydrates in energy.
  5. If you are trying to lose weight, eating two eggs can fill you up easily, so you will end up eating less.

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