Get Your Aero Free

If you are in your 60’s and up, you need to be more conscious of what you eat, your weight and your overall health. What are some things you need to remember? (photo from:

Being health conscious, of course, starts with being aware of what you eat. There are kids who were “trained” to healthy since they were young, so their body naturally craves fruits and vegetables and naturally rejects fatty and unhealthy types of food such as junk food, processed food and fast food. There are a lot of ways you can integrate healthy eating in your family.

Start by filling up on fruits and vegetables. This way, you won’t consume too much meat or starch. If you are not too crazy about eating fruits and vegetables, try pureed vegetables mixed with your regular food such as, pureed carrots mixed with your hotcake mix. You can also try pureed celery in your pizza sauce, plus top it with more mushrooms instead of sausages. Finally, you can also use avocado instead of mayo in your sandwich. The avocado with a little salt and pepper has a nice and creamy taste and it is more filling too!

However, just watching what you eat is not enough. You also need a lot of exercise. To encourage yourself, start by downloading an app that counts your steps in a day. One such app is “Steps.” You can also download “Lose It!” This app will help you monitor what you eat, how much exercise you do in a day and shows you an estimate of the calories that you take in or lose per day.

You can also enroll at a gym or join exercise programs. Lucky for you, if you live in Chicago, there are a lot of exercise programs you can join for FREE. There are exercise programs at the Millennium Park. If that is too far from you, check your park district for exercise classes in your area. One such exercise program is the Low Impact Aerobics at the Frank J Wilson Park at 4630 N Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL 60630. The FREE classes will go on from June 20, 2016 to August 26, 2016 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:15 AM to 10:15 AM.

Make the most out of what are for FREE in Chicago.




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