Free Toppings on Your Ice Cream

Did you know that in 1890, Evanston, IL passed a law against selling ice cream soda on Sundays? “Some ingenious confectioners and drug store operators [in Evanston]… obeying the law, served ice cream with the syrup of your choice without the soda [on Sundays]. Thereby complying with the law… This soda-less soda was the Sunday soda. (source: Wikipedia)

Some religious groups, though, did not feel right about naming the dessert after the Sabbath. So, the spelling was changed from Sunday to sundae.

Is this when ice cream with toppings started? It may be. History is sketchy on this subject. What do you think? Write your comments below.

On the other hand, today is also the 3rd birthday of an Irish inspired Ice Cream store in Chicago called Cone. If you visit the ice cream store today and sing them a Happy Birthday, you will get a free topping for your ice cream. That’s a GOOD DEAL!


So, visit CONE today at 1047 W. Madison St. Chicago, IL 60607. Before you go, though, practice singing “Happy Birthday” because you will need to sing it so you can have a sweet topping on your sweets. (image from:

Make the most out of GOOD DEALS in Chicago!

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