Liberty, Equality and Fraternity

It is Bastille Day and in Nice, France, the celebration was going good until a large truck drove through the crowd hitting everything and everyone in its way. The big question is WHY?

  • At least 80 persons are dead and a lot of them are children
  • On the ground you will see dead bodies and a doll beside one of the small figures
  • Police was able to neutralize the driver, but it still does not bring comfort
  • Explosive were found in the truck

It is so timely that one of the episodes of Blue Blood being played tonight talked about faith. How confusing faith can get and how there are times that it is hard to explain it. At a time like this, one’s faith can really be put to a test. Why do these things happen and what is the purpose of all this violence? The answer came out in one of the interviews about the this tragedy.

The purpose of these violent acts is to instill fear. We should not be afraid. We should keep our faith and know that all things happen for a reason. Instead of fear and panic, we should raise our hands in support of those who lost someone tonight. To be help them, if we can, in this time of sorrow. Finally, to join France in the healing and keeping faith that the good will prevail.


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