CVS Extrabucks

Drinking milk is important, primarily because it is a good source of calcium. What are other benefits of drinking milk everyday? Read on and learn …

There are a lot of benefits to drinking at least two glasses of milk a day. Here are some of them.

Drinking milk …

  1. Keeps your skin smooth and fresh looking
  2. Makes your teeth stronger and keeps them from falling off
  3. Lets you have healthier bones
  4. Helps you lose weight faster
  5. Reduces stress
  6. Helps you fight various diseases

This said, you should add milk in your “to buy” list for your next shopping day. A good place or store to purchase milk is at CVS. For every gallon of milk you buy, you get $1 extrabucks that you redeem towards your other purchases. This is a good deal!

So, make sure that you head on to CVS when you need milk refill and make the most out of good deals in Chicago.


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