The Super Housewife #1

One of the things about being a SUPER HOUSEWIFEY is to know how to keep your house in perfect order. That, of course includes cleaning and organizing the house. Here are some tips to making sure that you are a super housewife!

  1. How to get rid of that stubborn grout? You need to fill a spray bottle with one part vinegar and one part warm water. Spray directly on the grout spots and let stand for 5 minutes. Then, scrub the grout lines with a stiff brush and rinse afterwards. Voila! You are one super housewifey and you’ll have a nice clean bathroom to enjoy your shower in to boot!
  2. Did you know that items made of brass around your house are best of friends with tomato paste? Yes! If you want your brass item to look as good as new, simply apply some tomato paste and let it sit for around an hour. Afterwards, clean the item with hot soapy water. Voila! You are one super housewifey and you’ll have a NEW brass item!

There you have it. Being a super housewife is not easy, but a super HOUSEWIFEY always knows what to do.



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