How’s Your Vocabulary?

How often do you test your English vocabulary? Sometimes, when you are conversing or telling a story, you find yourself at a loss for the right word or the most appropriate word to describe the situation. That is why, it is good to test your vocabulary from time to time. While it is true that you may never even use these “uncommon” words, it is always good to challenge yourself, know what you don’t know and of course, have a little fun while learning.

1. What do you call the pattern above? (Click here for the answer)

2. Give 4 words in the dictionary that starts with the letters “D” and “W.” Without repeating root words. (Click here for the answer)

3. What are words that have a double-a in the middle the word. (Click here for the answer)

Was that easy? Check back regularly for more fun puzzles!


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