Planet Chicago – 2016

Watching a dance performance is magical, no matter what type of dance it is. It just makes you want to kick your shoes off and start wiggling and stomping to the beat. On August 26, 2016, you will have a chance to do so. The best part is it is for FREE!


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If you like to dance or choreograph, you can find ideas from these dance performances. You won’t even have to pay for the wonderful experience. Watch the following performances live at the Navy Pier on August 26, Friday from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

  • A traditional South African Gumboot dance
  • A performance of contemporary and ancient African, African-American and Caribbean dance, music, and folklore
  • A tap and percussive dance piece
  • A contemporary performance of the classical Indian dance-theatre
  • A cumulating performance of the Gumboot dance

Supported by the Polk Bros. Foundation, Planet Chicago is also presented as part of Navy Pier’s Arts & Discovery programming initiative dedicated to presenting vibrant, Chicago-based arts, cultural and community programming in honor of the Pier’s centennial year and to continue its commitment to welcoming people of all backgrounds in its second century. Planet Chicago is the first major dance event presented as part of this initiative. (source:

Tap your feet to the beat, wiggle your hips to the sounds and smile with your head held high as you dance along these performances. This is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

Make the most out of what are for FREE in Chicago!



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