She’s Always a Woman to Me

Here is another song that we may have already forgotten. Before you look at the song, ask yourself these questions.

  1. Do you have a woman in your life that you often disagree with?
  2. Is there a woman in your life that always run to when you feel sad, when you are happy and in a celebrating mood, when you need a hug or a should to cry on?
  3. Do you have a woman in your life that will be angry at you one minute, but will cook your favorite meal for you the next?
  4. Who can you get to wash your clothes with no questions asked – sometimes even when you do not want her to do so?
  5. Who is that woman in your life that you just want to gather in your arms and take care of her?

Do these questions remind you of a certain woman in your life? Does it remind you of your mom? Yes, you may disagree with her about so many things. You may sometimes see the things that she does as disagreeable. You may find her mean and even wicked sometimes, but she is your mom, she will always be the one and only woman for you.

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