November Clean Up Shred Up Time!

If you have piles of bills or paperwork at home that you no longer need, this is something that you need. A shredding event!

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Come Visit the Pumpkin Patch in the City for FREE

Every year, you go far and wide to find the perfect pumpkin for your Jack-o-lantern or your pumpkin pie! Now, you do not have to go anywhere! Chicago Parks District brings the pumpkin patch to you.

Halloween Pumpkin Patch

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Billy Goat and the Cubs

I ain’t afraid of no goat! Fly the W!

Histories and Mysteries


My owner, a gentleman by the name of Mr. William Sianis, was a kind enough soul, albeit an opportunist. Never one to miss the spotlight, he was flamboyant and prone to anger. He valued me above all else, for I was a novelty, a curiosity and of course a money maker.

“A goat?” Mr. Sianis would say. “A goat gives milk. A goat gives cheese. A goat is a friend!  What is not to like in a goat?”

He was in fact so fond of me that he named his establishment after my species: The Billy Goat Tavern. It was quite a catchy name and drew in much business, especially since he often propped me upon a bar stool and fed me beer.


In those days, you see, we had no such organizations as PETA nor the ASPCA. Animals were mere servants to humankind. If occasionally we rebelled, who could…

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CONTRIBUTION: How to Find a Work-from-home Position

According to a study conducted by the National Alliance for Caregiving, there are more and more American today who are acting as informal caregivers to family members who are sick, elderly or disabled. At the same time as caring for a family member, these informal caregivers also hold full time and mostly in-office jobs in order to provide for their family. If you are one of these informal caregivers, a work from home position wherein you will have the luxury of time to care for a family member, build on your career and have a little time for yourself to relax, will be something very welcome. The question is: Is it possible to find a work from home position?

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