Daily Housewifey Dose #86

People will always just see their own pain. No matter how you try, they will not be able to feel yours.

Danny and Angela have been dating for 10 years when Danny lost his parents. At first, he seemed to have a handle of the situation and the relationship was stronger than ever.
Angela was a very good sport. Being an only child, Danny had a lot on his plate. Angela was there to clean up the house. Angela organized the funeral and everything that came with it like making sure there was food and beverage for the guests or that thank you cards are send afterwards.
After three months, though, Danny still seems to be suspended in his grief. On the outside, he seems to be able to handle his loss well. Angela, though, knew better. Danny used to be very organized. He would have his day planned with his meetings for work and things that he and Angela like to do together such as dinners on Friday or tennis matches on Saturdays. He started being late for work and not showing up for meetings. When his attention was called, he’d blame it on estate lawyers who never seem to run out of documents for his to sign or review. He became more and more distant from Angela. She started to think that he must be feeling some guilt, along with the loss, because he was always at odds with his parents.
Soon, Angela started going places without him and making plans without him. When she started feeling sick, she thought that she was pregnant and hoped that a baby would bring Danny back. Unfortunately, Angela was not pregnant. She found out that she was sick. Really sick. When she finally got the courage to tell Danny, his reaction was unexpected. Instead of empathizing with her, he became fearful of another loss and began to distance himself from her until Angela decided to leave him to deal with her own health problems.

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