Sharing a Letter from CPS

A lot of Chicago parents are closely watching how the leadership of Governor Rauner will show support to the education of children. This is a letter from Forrest Claypool Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago Public Schools as well as from Dr. Janice K. Jackson.

Earlier this year, our state legislators and Governor Rauner reached an important compromise on behalf of public school students across the state. This compromise committed our leaders to fixing the unequal way our state funds public education, and provided additional funding for CPS. Many of you helped to make this compromise possible by calling, writing, and visiting your elected representatives -­-­and we remain grateful for all that you did.

Unfortunately, Governor Rauner has now reversed the progress that we made.

This week, the governor vetoed Senate Bill 2822, which provides CPS with $215 million during this fiscal year. His actions threaten to halt the incredible academic progress your children have made, and the collective work CPS has done to improve our financial stability.

But there is still reason to be hopeful. The State Senate has already voted to override the governor’s veto, and if the House of Representatives does the same within the next two weeks, this threat to our schools can be avoided.

We need your help to make this happen. We have seen firsthand the power of the CPS community. When we get involved and let our elected leaders know what our priorities are, they listen. This is why we’re asking you to visit, and to take action now.

  • The site lets you easily look up and call your State Representative to thank them for their prior vote in favor of equal funding for Chicago schools – and ask that they vo te again to override the governor’s veto and preserve the resources promised to our students. Our representatives have been strong advocates for our students, and we want them to continue fighting on their behalf.
  • While you’re there, you can also use the site to call Governor Rauner. His reckless decision jeopardizes Chicago’s students, and he needs to hear that the CPS community won’t stand for it.

Despite this setback, our commitment to your children remains unchanged. Every student in Chicago, and throughout the state, deserves an education system that is fair and equitable, and that provides them with the foundation they need to be successful in college, career and community.

We hope you will join us as we continue our fight for fair education funding from the state of Illinois. We have seen firsthand the power our voices have, and ask that you use yours now to make two critical phone calls. One to your state representative to insist they override the veto of SB 2822, and one to Governor Rauner to demand he keep his promise to your children.


Forrest Claypool               Dr. Janice K. Jackson
Chief Executive Officer     Chief Education Officer
@ClaypoolCPS                @CPSCEdO


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