FREE Movies in the Parks

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off -Ferris Bueller is a clever and tricky fast talker, a legend in his own time.

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Chicago Housewifey at the Supermarket

Say you are at the supermarket and you are making your way to stand in line to pay. You survey the items in your cart and decide that you probably do not need another box of Kleenex at this time. Do you bring it back to where you got it on the aisles or do you leave it on the next shelf you pass?

Your Kind of Music

When you talk about music, what is the first thing that comes to mind? What kind of music makes your heart soar, your lips spreading into a smile, make your feet start tapping to the beat, your fingers snapping to the tune and your mind just dancing from one room to another?

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FREE Admission to Adler Planetarium in February 2017

Now there is Mercury and Venus, Earth and Mars! Jupiter and Saturn, those are the big ones. Uranus and Neptune, but not Pluto! Those are the planets.

Yes, these are songs that are sang by kindergartens now a days. It’s cute when they sing it in school. Imagine that you have a child aged 3 or 4 and have them sing this while at the Adler Planetarium. That would be a wonderful sight to see. If you do not have a child this age, you can sing the song and amuse yourself as you stroll around the museum.

The best part is, of course, you can do so for FREE this coming week during one of the Adler Planetarium FREE days! Make sure you bring your valid Illinois ID with you.

So, plan your week and visit the Adler Planetarium. Make the most out of what are for FREE in Chicago!

FREE Admission to the Brookfield Zoo in February 2017

A day at the zoo is always fun. It is not just fun for the kids. It is also fun for adults who just can’t help but oooh and aahhh at the amazing and interesting animals. In Chicago, the place to go for a whole day of fun is the Brookfield Zoo.

Are you interested in seeing a polar bear? Yes, you will find one here. A Rhino? Present! There are just so many animals that you can find. Make it a fun learning experience with you and the kids or maybe just by yourself.

The best part? Of course, you can enjoy learning for FREE! Just visit Brookfield Zoo on the following days. Make sure to bring lots of energy, food and drinks. There are several places where you can sit comfortably and eat at the Brookfield Zoo.

So, schedule your trip during any of the FREE days soon and make the most out of what are for FREE in Chicago!

FREE Admission to the Museum of Science and Industry in February 2017

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a meteor. Yes, a meteor was seen from IL and the surrounding areas on the morning of February 6, 2017. If this interests you, the Museum of Science and Industry is definitely the place for you to go.

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