FREE Chicago Coin Expo

Are you interested in the history of coins? Learn about more about coins or purchase collector’s item coins at the Free Chicago Coin Expo.

More than 1000 coin and currency enthusiasts, collectors, history buffs and curious visitors of all ages are expected to attend the free expo to view, learn and purchase items from more than 75 dealers participating in the event. The show brings together coin experts from around the world and will feature auctions, lectures and two rooms of numismatic dealers. The show is free and open to the general public with a suggested donation to the History in Your Hands Foundation. All net proceeds from the event will benefit HIYHF, a federally recognized 501c3. (source: choosechicago)

The best part? The expo is FREE! Who wouldn’t want to have a chance to touch and learn more about coins, these little metals that a lot of people just take for granted, but are an integral part of economics.

Make the most out of what are for FREE in Chicago! Come to the Chicago Coin Expo on April 5 from 4pm to 6pm and from Thursday, April 6 to Saturday, April 8 from 10am to 5pm.



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