Great Holiday Finds #2

When you think about the holidays, you think pies, cakes, sweets and ofcourse … CHOCOLATES! 

Here is a good gift to give for the holidays. A huge Ferrero Rocher spotted at Seafood City on Elston, but is also sold at Target and Walgreens. The chocolate is 125 grams priced at $6.99 a piece. It will be a fun gift for the holiday season for your chocolate lovin’ friends. You can probably grab one for yourself, too, and put them up for display in your home. This is a good deal! 

Make the most out of good deals in Chicago! 


Baby Expo 2016

Going to a baby expo is not just exciting for exhibitors, but for attendees, as well. There is a certain charm to knowing about new ideas and products. Of course, there is a lot of pull to getting tons of FREE stuff!

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