A Good Coffee Deal and more

I always thought that books and coffee are made for each other. Calibre Coffee at The Arboretum of South Barrington proved me right. You can borrow some books or just read them at the shop while enjoying a nice brew and tasty pastry.

You can enjoy an afternoon reading in their cozy chairs or working on their spacious tables. They have round tables, comfortable padded chairs or high chairs. If you are the outdoorsy type, you can also sit outside and enjoy the sun. The Arboretum does not have a lot of traffic on weekdays and if your visit is on such days, so you can enjoy the outside air without constantly being distracted by passers by or zooming cars.

Calibre Coffee has a selection of really good coffees. Personally, I favor their White Chocolate Mocha. They can make it really creamy for you. You can also try their iced coffee. Don’t worry, though, it is not as sweet as the regular iced coffee from the more popular coffee shops.

So, even though they are not giving anything for free at this time, just go ahead and schedule a visit to Calibre Coffee. Their coffees are so good which will make your purchase a really good deal and the ambiance absolutely perfect to make you feel comfortable and at home.



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