Rio 2

Have you seen Rio, whether it is the first movie or the second? If you have, try to answer these questions and test your knowledge.

Image result for rio characters

A. What is the complete name of the main character of the movie Rio 2? (click here for the answer)

  1. Tyler Blue Henderson
  2. Tyler Blu Gunderson
  3. Tyler Blu Iverson

B. Where did the main character live prior to going to Rio? (click here for the answer)

  1. Minnesota
  2. Miami
  3. Montana

C. These kinds of birds were shown in the movie Rio except for one. (click here for the answer)

  1. Parakeet
  2. Macaw
  3. Raven

D. What is the name of the Ornithologist taking care of the main character? (click here for the answer)

E. Nigel was reading a passage from a play. Which play is it? (click here for the answer)

If you were not able to answer the questions above, it is time for you to watch Rio and Rio 2 again. The best part is? You can do it for FREE! Yes, FREE!

On September 9, Friday, from 8 pm to 9:45 pm, go to the Blackhawk Park at 2318 N Lavergne Ave for Movies in the Parks Chicago. Make sure you bring a lot of popcorn and a lot of laughs because this is one exciting and fun movie.

Make the most out of what are for FREE in Chicago!



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