Maker Lab

What is Makerspace? If you love making or creating things, this is something that you will definitely love. Makerspace allows you to make anything using high technology tools or no tools at all. The Chicago Public Library promotes Makerspace and in fact, has Maker Lab. Read on to know more.

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If you want to make a 3D key chain, make a typographic keychain with a laser cutter, make a vinyl flag decal with an electronic cutter and so much more, you can join the Maker Lab by the Chicago Public Library at the Harold Washington Library Center on 400 S State Street. There are a lot of workshops available and you just need to check the Chicago Public Library website for details.

The best part of the maker lab? It is for FREE! No enrollment is needed an you only need to register for the workshop 15 minutes before the workshop starts. Here are a few reminders (source:

  • Participants in computer classes need basic computer and mouse skills.
  • Vinyl-cutting classes, laser-cutting classes and 3D printing classes accommodate eight participants.
  • Other workshops accommodate up to 12 participants unless otherwise noted.

Being in sync with technology is a good way to build and create. So, make sure you check the class schedules and attend one.

Make the most out of what are for FREE in Chicago!


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