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When you eat, you like to know that you are eating right, especially when you often eat pre-prepared food or at restaurants. When you prepare your own meals, you also want to know that you are using the right ingredients to make a health meal and essentially a healthy YOU!

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Another chef who will grace Green City Market with her presence is Kristen Johnson. She is a registered dietitian for On Target Living and the author of Target to Table: Delicious and Healthy Meals One Superfood at a Time.” 

Chef Kristen Johnson is a world-traveler and she gets inspiration for her healthy meals wherever she goes. She likes to share her knowledge and experience in cooking to everyone and that is what you will get when you watch her on October 1 at the Green City Market. Chef Kristen Johnson is also a pride of Chicago since she is the first holistic dietitian for an East coast based natural food market chain. (source: ontargetliving.com)

On October 1, Saturday, there is no reason for you to turn on your television and watch your regular cooking show. Instead, you can go to the Green City Market – Lincoln Park and watch a real live cooking show! The market is at 1817 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60614. Chef Kristen Johnson will be sharing with you some amazing recipes and how to cook them using ingredients that you can find from the Green City Market.

The best part? Of course it is FREE! So, save the date! A free cooking show with Chef Craig Couper at the Green City Market – Lincoln Park.

Make the most out of what are for FREE in Chicago!


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