Chicago Housewifey Trivia #4 Answers

Chicago just can’t get enough of blue November. Since everyone (all Cubs fans, that is)  is still euphoric over the Cubs winning the World Series, here are some sports trivia to keep the sports spirit hopping and skipping.

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Hope you had fun with these questions! Here are the answers

A. Who was the only Major League Baseball player to get 5 hits in a World Series game? Answers Here

B. What’s another term for “scientific” baseball? Answers Here 

C. What is the highest possible score in a 10-pin bowling? Answers Here 

D. What is the only school to have both it’s men’s and women’s basketball teams in the NCAA Final Four in the same year? Answers Here 

E. What breed of horse was bred for sprints over short distances? Answers Here

Remember check back tomorrow for the answers for trivia #5. Let us keep Blue November going!


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