Free Flu Shots in Chicago

It is not too late to get your flu shots and it is most definitely not too late to get it for FREE.

According to the CDC, children younger than five, people 65 and older, pregnant women and residents of nursing homes have the highest risk for getting the flu.

That is why, getting a flu shot this season should be your priority. Do you want to know where you can get it for FREE? See below.

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Daily Housewifey Dose #99

The only wrong choice is the one that you did not make

I don’t always write about what I feel or write about personal stuff. This site is for Chicago Housewives and I intend for whatever are in this site to benefit them. Today, though, as I was listening to a radio show and I felt for the woman being interviewed. Now, it may be a real person in a real scenario or it may be an actress playing a role. If she were really in that unfortunate situation, I hope she sees this and know that someone is rooting for her an wishing she had an awesome day.

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Chicago Housewifey Trivia #1 Answers

Chicago just can’t get enough of blue November. Since everyone (all Cubs fans, that is) ¬†is still euphoric over the Cubs winning the World Series, here are some sports trivia to keep the sports spirit hopping and skipping.

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