Field Museum FREE Days for December

Are you interested in Ancient Egypt? What about Dinosaurs? If these strike your fancy, the field museum is the best place to go.

Enjoy a day at the field museum during the museum free days for December. Your free admission will let you view the following exhibits:

  • Sue the T Rex
  • Inside Ancient Egypt
  • Evolving Planet
  • Restoring Earth
  • The Crown Family Play Lab
  • Ancient Americas
  • Grainger Hall of Gems
  • The Tsavo Lions
  • Ronald and Christina Gidwitz Hall of Birds
  • Hall of Jades
  • McDonald’s Fossil Prep Lab
  • DNA Discovery Center
  • Pawnee Earth Lodge
  • Traveling the Pacific
  • Pacific Spirits
  • Maori Meeting House
  • Africa
  • Project Hyena Diorama
  • Grainger Science Hub


Visit The Field Museum during these museum free days and have a whole day of fun and learning. Make the most out of what are for FREE in Chicago!

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