Come Visit the Pumpkin Patch in the City for FREE

Every year, you go far and wide to find the perfect pumpkin for your Jack-o-lantern or your pumpkin pie! Now, you do not have to go anywhere! Chicago Parks District brings the pumpkin patch to you.

Halloween Pumpkin Patch

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Nature Stories

Once upon a time, the Trailside Museum of Natural History in Chicago had a gathering for kids ages 3 to 6. These kids had a lot of fun too!

If you love stories, specifically stories inspired by nature, you will definitely want to be present at this event. Read on and find out more!

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On Target Living

When you eat, you like to know that you are eating right, especially when you often eat pre-prepared food or at restaurants. When you prepare your own meals, you also want to know that you are using the right ingredients to make a health meal and essentially a healthy YOU!

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