Chicago Housewifey Trivia #5

Chicago just can’t get enough of blue November. Since everyone (all Cubs fans, that is)  is still euphoric over the Cubs winning the World Series, here are some sports trivia to keep the sports spirit hopping and skipping.

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Hope everyone will have fun with these sports trivia. There will be 5 of sports trivia questions from November 7 until November 11. Check back on November 12 for the answers!

In honor of the Cubs, here are some Cubs trivia.

A. What was the original name of the ballpark at Clark and Addison streets?

B. Who planted the ivy on the outfield wall at Wrigley?

C. What does the “W” flag mean?

D. What was the Wrigley’s largest crowd?

E. What should you do if you catch an opponent’s home run ball in the bleachers?

Remember to check back tomorrow for the answers to Trivia #1 to Trivia #5. Let us keep Blue November going!




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