Chicago Housewifey Trivia #1 Answers

Chicago just can’t get enough of blue November. Since everyone (all Cubs fans, that is)  is still euphoric over the Cubs winning the World Series, here are some sports trivia to keep the sports spirit hopping and skipping.

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Hope you had fun with these questions! Here are the answers.

Here we go:

A. What was the first sport televised in the US? Answer Here

B. Which quarterback threw 70 passes in a single game? Answer Here

  1. Drew Bledsoe
  2. Trent Dilfer
  3. John Elway

C. Who roared to NHL stardom as “the Golden Jet?” Answer Here

  1. Gordie Howe
  2. Bobby Hull
  3. Wayne Gretzky

D. What is the term for a zero score in tennis? Answer Here

E. Which team won the very first NBA game? Answer Here

  1. Chicago Bulls
  2. Philadelphia Warriors
  3. New York Knicks

Remember check back tomorrow for the answers for trivia #2. Let us keep Blue November going!


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