Daily Housewifey Dose #99

The only wrong choice is the one that you did not make

I don’t always write about what I feel or write about personal stuff. This site is for Chicago Housewives and I intend for whatever are in this site to benefit them. Today, though, as I was listening to a radio show and I felt for the woman being interviewed. Now, it may be a real person in a real scenario or it may be an actress playing a role. If she were really in that unfortunate situation, I hope she sees this and know that someone is rooting for her an wishing she had an awesome day.

Earlier today, I was listening to a radio show about dating. The woman told the guy that she chooses not to date him because he is an Indians fan and she is a Cubs fan. When she said this, one of the hosts said, “that is the dumbest reason not to date someone.” Of course, the woman in question was offended by this comment and told the hosts that it is what she believes in and that she should not be told that her reason for not dating someone is dumb.

As I was listening, I felt for the woman. She was probably enjoying a good cup of coffee or was on her way to work before the call. I hope that she had a good day, confident in the fact that her decision was hers and no one else. If she the guy agreed with the hosts, then she indeed made the right decision not to date him. If the guy disagreed with them, I hope that he finds the courage to apologize to her about how the phone call went.

Whatever her reason was for not dating the guy. It was her decision. It may or may not be the right decision for her, but it is a decision she made. That is what is most important.


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